Our goal is
and we take it

Reliability, precision and

Whether it's a wedding, corporate event or private party;
our multiple award-winning team (HWGA 2017, 2019) has had
more than 3,000 satisfied wedding and corporate customers
in the last 10 years. All of this is thanks to our more than
20-person DJ and more than 20-person technical team.

We are for you: our vocation is not only to entertain,
but to give a lifetime experience, and we also serve
the event with the highest quality technical design!
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and we take it


Reliability, precision and quality.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or private party; our multiple award-winning team (HWGA 2017, 2019) has had more than 3,000 satisfied wedding and corporate customers in the last 10 years. All of this is thanks to our more than 20-person DJ and more than 20-person technical team.

We are for you: our vocation is not only to entertain, but to give a lifetime experience, and we also serve the event with the highest quality technical design!


Professionals who have dedicated their lives to entertainment!

Regardless of the number of people, age group and the nature of the event, we provide the desired atmosphere and technical conditions. Our colleagues work at weddings, company events, private events, nightclubs and festivals; serving thousands of guests every week.

Laci is the founder of Show4You. He felt there was a need to establish a high-quality DJ team providing music for weddings and events. The members of the team are modest, professional and well-versed in music. Whether it is a corporate event for 1500 people...
Csabi, our handsome “János Vitéz”, reminds you of our national poet, Petőfi. Although he is young he has gained a lot of experience in the past 10 years. He is an ace; casual and humorous, which all comes through his DJ sets. Thanks to his intelligence he can easily adapt...
When Dani was 12 he always got lost in his mother’s instrument shop. At the age of 14 when he was having drum and piano lessons he had no idea that one day he would become one of the best event DJs in Budapest. Later he took up collecting music and decided to entertain...
What makes Zsolt the most cheerful Hungarian DJ? He believes his job is not work but entertainment! Yet, he takes his profession seriously and attentively. His connection to music started with breakdancing when he got involved with the top tunes from the past 50 years...
If you have already been to some of the clubs in Budapest you have probably met Imi. He is ambitious, so he always wants to bring his best form. He is self-confident, which is why every performance will surely lead to another one. He is experienced because...
Norbi is the heart of the team. DJ, sound engineer, MC and our all time joker:) He’s been standing behind the booth since the 90’s; he has entertained audiences at events, clubs and radio shows. He’s got unquestionable professional experience. He is also...
Milán started his DJ career in a small town, but got famous in Budapest. Although he is very young he plays all music styles from the 90’s up to the Top40’s, from Rock-N-Roll to Latin, from Electroswing to Hip-Hop, including Hungarian and International music. He is...
Krisztián devoted himself to the world of music and started to work as a DJ as early as 2002; since then it has been the ultimate passion of his life to improve his musical selection day in day out in order to provide the best parties ever! He works as a guest artist...
Right after elementary school specialized in musical education Balázs got interested in a career as a DJ. As his voice did not allow him to write songs himself he decided to use some other means to make music popular:) He has been DJing for 10 years now...
You can’t beat his experience on DJing. He’s been standing at the DJ booth for the past 20 years, and during this time he’s been running a radio carrier, too. He followed up the evolution of a Disc Jokey: casettes-vinyl-cds-mp3. At present he is a father of two children...
Tamás has been entertaining audiences for over 14 years. There is no doubt that during this time he has toured all areas of the event industry: he takes special care to maintain a smooth and good relationship with his clients, colleagues and all participants...
István started DJing as a college student, but his talent was noticed very quickly! Soon after, the hobby became a profession, and now we can say without exaggeration: he “burns” to “twists” most of his parties:) István is a lawyer in private life, accordingly, his attitude...
Balu has worn mixers for more than 10 years. He has plenty of experience from private events, company parties and weddings, clubs and festivals. He is a walking musical handyman, there is no era or style from where he cannot play his favorites. He can’t be surprised...
Robi is a man of duality - a qualified engineer plus, at the same time, a real soul and spirit person and an avid fan of music. This way he can provide you with his dedicated but also kind-hearted attitude when discussing with guests their wishes as regards to music or standing...
He’s been dealing with music since his childhood. Both his father and brother are musicians so it has never been a question for him to become one himself. Working as a DJ, sound engineer, pianist and dance competitor he has cruised the world collecting...
Attila's only for the hard-core partyrockers! Playing a 9-10 hour DJ set? Not a challenge for him. He’s been collecting limited edition vinyls up to these days. What is it, if not love?:) Besides his persistence and knowledge in music, his reliability is more conspicuous...
Lajos is our „godfather”. He is one of the most experienced deejays in Budapest. He has already shown up at all places where a party has ever been thrown. He spins evergreens alongside Top40s, he mixes traditional and modern entertainment...
No doubt that Bence’s award winning smile can’t be refused. He has a very cool taste of music, which you realize from the very first time you enter the club or wedding party he is playing at. He’s reliable and accurate, that’s why many customers like to work with him...
Feri is an IT expert and a DJ in one person. Also, he is the IT specialist of Show4You. During the week he follows a predictable routine, but at the weekends he reveals the spontaneous side of his character while performing as a DJ. He’s been standing...
Positive, showman, energy bomb. He’s one of our local heroes. If you have your wedding/event at Balaton, he’ll be one of the first in our mind. His kind caracter covers a dynamic personality. He always ensures that your party will be in good hands until the last minutes...
Aron knows lake Balaton like no one does, so if you plan your event around the "Hungarian Sea", he is the one for you! Although he doesn't sail, you will love your musical journey with him:) Precise and careful specialist. Trained in clubs and cruise parties...
Coach and DJ in one person. He is also characterized by the maximalism and precision of his coach attitude. He always strives to make the customer happy, whether he’s playing at a wedding, a corporate party or a club! It is also possible that you have already thrown a party...
No matter what he did for a living full-time, MUSIC has always been his haven. Notorious music collector. Precise and tidy. Reliable and always very kind:) Argu watches the dance floor with his eyes and always tries to bring something new. His credo is that no two sets...
Kristóf was inspired by his father, who was also a DJ. His mother was still pregnant with him when he was already listening to Vivaldi’ Four Seasons. He lived in Manchester for several years, but no matter where he went in the world, his head always turned to music...
Norbi has been living non-stop “in music” since 1987. As a keyboard singer, he performed at almost every venue in the country; with more than 35 years of experience, he stands behind the DJ booth with an eternal love for people and entertainment. In addition...
We always take it as an advantage, and it is also a relief for our customers if one of our DJs understands not only music, but also technical design better than it would be expected. Levente is both a "multimedia player" and a sound engineer:) Which came first...
Sipi, having been born as a child of a famous Hungarian musician, has been into music from the very first time. He is one of the best known DJs in Budapest these days for the young generation, but he is also ready to rock the dancefloor for the older ones...
How could we describe Jani: routine, focus and endless endurance:) There are just a few DJ's with 25 years of routine at events. Or with a super focused "scanner to the dance floor". Also, with an "everlasting" buffer to throw the party until 5 or 6 in the morning:) He has...
Ádám has a classical career behind him: school parties, clubs, then weddings and private events:) Working as a marketing expert in everyday life one of his biggest strengths is communication, both verbally and musically. He is always keeping his finger on...
Máté is a food engineer, and at the same time, a prisoner of music for twenty years - so it seems, he will not be set free in the near future:) Being a sociable type, he spends his weekdays with people non-stop negotiating and giving advice. He undertook the musical career...


We are for you!


Professional sound, light, stage and visual technique.


Let us be your party masters!

There is no musical style in which we do not feel at home! Browse through our minimixes (“more music” button below), choose your favorites and we’ll help you sign the DJ closest to your preferences!


What our clients say.

We found Laci and his team through our MC, Misi Dunai. He is a sympathetic, super professional man at the very first sight. The meeting went really smoothly and in a relaxed manner and the party was fantastic. His team could get in tune with the guests in a unique way, timing of the different styles was perfect, and it all made the party unforgettable. The technical background and the cooperation of the team are exceptional. We highly recommend them, will always be grateful and remember our common experiences with the greatest pleasure.
We had our wedding on 06.05.2023, and had the pleasure of Laci DJ'ing for us with his colleague. The wedding was a Hungarian/English wedding and the mix that the team played was incredible. The music got the entire crowd up and dancing, with a great mix of old and new music from both countries ensuring everyone could get involved. The supporting features such as the lighting was also perfect and made the experience even better! Would 100% recommend him and the team for any type of party!!!
We were extremely happy with Milan and Show4You DJing at our wedding. Music was particularly important for us, as we had many of our guests travelling from all over the world and the music was a bridge that connected all the guests. We greatly appreciated the great professionalism and Laci spending time with us prior to the wedding to prepare and agree on all the details. Milan on the wedding day then was really responsive to the crowd and made sure everybody had fun! Thank you so much! Ulises & Krisztina
On our wedding, 27 May 2023, we were lucky to be able to work with Laci and his team. Their correctness, warmth, patience and professionalism, which we could experience, are exceptional. We are really grateful to them. The party by Csabi was unbelievably cool. All the feedback we got from our guests was fully positive. We highly recommend them for everyone. Thank you, Eszter and Robi
It was one of our best decisions ever to choose you. We had the time of our lives on 24 June. Laci created a fantastic atmosphere having a very good sense of what people want!:) The guests told us many times the next day how cool the party and the music had been:) Thank you for this unforgettable experience - and just keep going.
We are really grateful to the Show4You team. Laci made our collective work go very smoothly; whatever we just had in mind he was ready to help us immediately. The guests had a pretty diverse musical taste, which made us a bit worried before the wedding (for instance, Lagzi Lajcsi, Bad Bunny, T. Danny), but Balázs treated and built in all the guests’ requests as a pro, always keeping an eye on what made them move. As a result, everybody was dancing from the 4-year-old kid to the 80-year-old granny. Also, we had a special guest artist, who was amplified and cooperated with professionally. What is more, Balázs is such a cool guy, always smiling a lot, which we think is essential at a party. Both the guests and us adored the evening, and we would definitely choose you again any time. Thank you for everything!:)
We opted for the best when we chose the Show4You team to be the Dj at our wedding on 10 June 2023. Zsolti and Geri made a great party for us. Both our Italian and Hungarian guests were having a very good time and we got really positive feedback on the music and the party. We would choose you again any time. Thanks a lot!
We met the Show4You team at the Wedding Exhibition where they already seemed to be extremely pro so this is why we chose them for our wedding. Laci managed all the meetings, the contract and the deadlines with great professionalism. Our DJ was Bence, with whom we were really satisfied as the music was always in the right place at the right time:) The party lasted till 4.15 a.m., which we believe speaks for itself:) Thank you for everything, Patri and Ádi
We could not have asked for a better music service provider to help us have one of the best days of our lives. We do recommend Laci and his team, the Show4You, and we are really thankful for everything. Laci gained our sympathy at the very first meeting; given his professionalism, warmth and kindness we knew immediately that we wanted to work with him and his team. They are the ones we could fully rely on regarding the musical, audio and lighting technology at our wedding. As an unforgettable extra, Laci had a special surprise for us when we had our gender reveal along with the cake cutting - we will never forget his lovely gesture.
It was one of our best decisions to choose the Show4You team for our wedding. Our DJ was Milán, for which we are really grateful as he provided us with fantastic vibes all night long, both at the ceremony and the party. He paid extra attention to our needs so we could have a great time and we got all we could ask for. We are happy to recommend Milán for every couple, he is simply the best for us!:)


Our friends.

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